Monday, January 16, 2006

Whole Wheat French Toast

This morning I made french toast for Travis and Caleb. I love french toast. Its one of my personally favorites. So I thought I'd give my recipe for the type of french toast I have been taught to make.


~Whole Wheat Bread
~2 large eggs
~1/4 cup 1% milk
(I usually dont measure my milk.. I just pour in a bit... so you can really add as much as you'd like depending on your taste. If you want the french toast w/ a eggier type flavor... add less milk. You can use 2% or whole milk as well.
~A dash of Vanilla Extract
~Cinnamon Sugar
~Powdered Sugar
~Reduced fat Syrup


1.Pre-heat your frying pan. I use a flat frying pan with no sides... makes it easier when flipping the toast. Spray it with a non-stick cooking spray. Let it heat up til you can feel the heat rising off the top of it. But not to hot...otherwise it will burn the toast.
2. Mix the 2 large white eggs together in a wide bowl. Add in milk, and Vanilla Extract.
3. Dip both sides of the toast into egg mixture covering both sides. Then place on pan. Cook toast until a golden brown on both sides.
4. After its done cooking add powdered sugar and cinammon sugar to taste.
5. Server with warm syrup! :-)

Now in the picture above the toast doesnt have powdered sugar. I like to add powdered sugar... but I didnt have any around. If you dont put any it taste great by itself with just the cinammon sugar.

Directions to make C.Sugar

1. Mix 1 part sugar and the other part cinammon. Simple ;-)


5 slices (feeds Travis, Caleb and myself just fine.)



She said...

Wednesday mornings are our french toast mornings.

Did you ever give that "Cheesey chicken stuffed shells" recipe a try again??

Drea said...

haha no I haven't made it again actually. We've been real busy I havent really planned out dinners much the past few days. Today I was out from 1pm-5pm... helping people with some websites at our church. Travis watched Caleb. So on my way home I grabbed some bread so we could eat sandwiches for dinner... haha

I'll try it sometime I'm sure though it looks yummy!

Drea said...

helping people from our church with their websites :-) not helping people with a church website, sorry Im scatter brained right now to much going on. Waters boiling! byebye

Princessa said...

sounds wonderful, I put cinnamon sugar on my french toast too!
However, my hubby would just die if I served lite syrup.
I have never tried it with whole wheat bread, gonna have to sneak that one in on the kids.

Drea said...

Hehe I sometimes hide the "low fat" or "diet" side of things from my husband. Seems like if he knows its diet he wont eat it... says it taste gross... but if I dont tell him he cant tell. Its in his head most of the time.

Yeah I use WHOLE wheat bread (make sure on the ingredients it says *Whole wheat flour* and not just *wheat flour*) It isnt true whole weat bread if it doesnt have that on the label.

Much healthier having all the extra fiber and such in your bread. Although white bread is so yummy! :-)

mayerle said...

Mmmm, french toast! I like it best with the whole wheat bread, cinnamon, and really expensive maple syrup...yum!!!
I think I know what I'm going to have tomorrow for breakfast now.

Crawley said...

Dude I suck at french toast. Somehow I always soak the bread too long and it gets mushy. But if I don't dip it long enough it doesn't taste like french toast. What am I doing wrong?

Drea said...

I still have issues making french toast sometimes. I remember when I 1st started I was real iffy when dipping it in the egg mixture... I didnt want it to get to "eggy" so Id flip it super fast... and then it just sorta tasted like plain toast afterwards haha.

So now I just dip it carefully to make sure both sides are covered well. I would say its in the egg for... 2 seconds? both sides.

Im not really sure. I suppose it just takes practice hehe. I have found that white bread soaks the egg up way faster. So wheat bread is easier for me to cook. Plus its healthier.

Drea said...

Yea I like expensive syrup 2 ;-) the cheap stuff isnt as good!

Renata said...

Haha, I googled whole wheat french bread and your post came up 4th, so I had to just post a comment and say hi! :-)

Aparna said...

Thank you!!! Finally got a recipe which is non-eggy smelling,soft and perfect!!!