Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Seco de Carne de Rez

The other day I was visiting my friend Beulah's blog. She had this really neat recipe on her site. It was a peruvian style beef stew (Seco de Carne de Rez) . Now I tell you... I'm all about a good beef stew. I got one of the best beef stew recipes out there (I THINK!) haha... So I'm up for trying different types.
This type of beef stew was really yummy... and so simple to make. It had a very ethnic type taste though. So if your not much into a lot of spices ... you may not like this one. Although Travis loved it and he isnt to ethnic himself ;-)

I did do a few things differently. I'll go ahead and point them out.
I didnt use "beef" in the stew. I used "pork.." Its cheaper and works just as well. Plus they say its healthier.
Also... I didnt use fresh cilantro. I used spice cilantro. I measured it out right I think. Tasted right any way :-)
ALSO. I added carrots in mine... just for a lil' something extra besides pea's... and also... I used red new potatoes instead of baking potatoes. I also left the skin on mine... just because I like the skin. :-)
It turned out well... and CALEB LOVED IT. Theres a picture of him enjoying it below.

(click for enlarge image)
3 Tb Cooking oil
1 Tb minced garlic (use more or less according to your taste)
1 large onion, chopped into small pieces
Cumin, just a pinch
Chunks of beef (here we can get beef already cut for stews,
but anything that would make a decent stew will do)
1 tomato (preferably a roma tomato), chopped
Potatoes, peeled and largely cubed
1 cup cilantro mixture*
1 cup frozen peas

In a dutch oven or medium sized cooking pot, heat oil, garlic
and onions until lightly browned and onions are almost cooked.
Add salt, pepper and cumin to taste. Add in chunks of beef and
tomato and cook until beef releases its juices or until it’s no longer
red all over. Meanwhile, using a blender, create your cilantro mixture.
Pour cilantro mixture over beef and tomato mix, add potatoes.
Cook covered at medium low heat until potatoes are almost done,
about 15-20 minutes. Add peas. Cover and simmer another 10-15 minutes.
Serve over rice and garnish with some fresh parsley. Enjoy!

*Cilantro mixture

1/2 a bunch of cilantro (about 1 1/2 - 2 cups fresh)
1/2 cup water (approx.)
4 Tb oil (optional)

Mix all ingredients in blender until smooth
and until you have about 1-2 cups mixture.


She said...

oh so that is what it looks like...hee hee, I'll have to give this one a shot, next time I go to the grocery store I'll have to pick up the ingredients to make it.

Drea said...


Crawley said...

Thanks for crediting me. Glad you liked it :)

You might be able to find a different version of this recipe if you goolge it under peruvian cuisine or something. There's so many different ways of making it.

Crawley said...

Oh, one more thing, what you made isn't Seco de Carne de Rez, it's Seco de Puerco because you used pork instead of beef. Also, the original, more cultural/indigenous way of making this is with lamb. (FYI)

Drea said...

Hi Beulah, thanks for the info. Learning the spanish I should of learned as a child. My mom is fluent in it.. but didnt teach us because my dads American. I wish so bad she would of!

Im gonna leave it as Seco de carne de rez though just because it calls for "beef" and not "pork." Pork was just my twist on it.

I might put a caption next to the title telling what it is in english tho ;-) help the gringo's out, lol kidding. (thats what we'd call my dad growing up cause he was so white.)

Crawley said...

Don't worry. That's what I call Dan. In fact, my whole family calls him a gringo. It's not meant to be derogatory, he's just white as paper.

Drea said...


pauluz said...

mi estimado amigo perucho como yo!!
me parece interesante que ofrezcas tu receta de comida por un bien!!
pero te digo que rez!! se escribe con "S" osea res!

saludos cordiales paul

psdt: ayuda difundir una buena imagen del español

pauluz said...

hola perucho como yo!!
disculparas pero "rez" se escribe con "s" osea res!!

haber si ayudamos a difundir un buen español

saludos paul