Friday, October 27, 2006

Ooglie Eyeballs Recipe

Well it sure has been a long time since Ive updated... Ive just been really busy with my other blogs. This ones just been put on the back burner :-)
In the spirit of Halloween though I thought I'd post a recipe I tried this season for a costume party... The recipe didnt make a lot... but it was still very interesting to work with.
If I had to do this over again I would make 2-3 batches...

Here ya go!

*click image for larger view* - Mine look very rough haha

Ooglie Eyeballs

Ingredients -

10.25-ounce pouch fudge brownie mix
1 cup Craisins’ Sweetened Dried Cranberries
2 cups white chocolate chips or morsels, melted
Tubes of decorative writing gel: green, red, black

Directions -

1. Prepare brownies according to package directions. Do not overbake. Trim crisp edges from the brownie while warm; eat or discard. Crumble remaining warm brownie into a medium mixing bowl.

2. Combine cranberries and warm crumbled brownie until a thick dough-like mixture forms. Shape dough into 1-inch balls, pressing firmly. Dip balls in melted chocolate, letting excess drip off. Place on waxed paper-lined baking sheets. Refrigerate 1 hour or until chocolate is firm.

3. To create eyeball decorations, use red gel to make veins, green gel for center of eyes and black for the pupil.

Yield: Makes 16 servings. (I must of made my eyes to big.. it did not make 16 servings HAHA)

Recipe credit: Halloween Desserts


Shanilie said...

Absolutely love the new layout. Nice choice of colors and love the quote at the top! I feel the same way lol. That is a sweet picture of you and Caleb in the kitchen. Good job!